I need a short time off !!!

That is why i have closed from
Wednesday, 15.05.2024 till Saturday, 18.05.2024

I look forward to seeing you all again from
Wednesday, 22.05.2024

Your Thomas

to the websites of the swingers Fantasy-Club!

Our sophisticated swinger-parties for adult couples and singles is an attaction occuring in our club's classy atmosphere on the following evenings:

Wednesday from 08:30 p.m
Friday from 08:30 p.m
Saturday from 08:30 p.m

Due to great demand I must insist on reservations only. Reservations can be made only on the evening of the event from 06.00 pm by phone:

Tel: 069 410034
Reservations from 06.00 pm
Opening at 08.30 pm

For those who are planning to visit our club for the first time, may I suggest the following:

The Fantasy-Club is a swingers club for both couples and single persons.
That's why I'd like to emphasize that for a relaxed atmosphere visiting couples should be really keen in meeting single-men. I always pay attention to a good balance of mixed couples, single-men and single-ladies to get the party going.

Because the Fantasy-Club is an adult swingers club, the minimum age of my guests must be 18 or over. From time to time we have to check age, e.g. passports, ID-cards etc.

I will not accept groups of single-men and I particularly expect my male guests from all cultural circles to respect my female guests and their wishes without question.

And so we hope to see you soon at the Fantasy-Club!