I need a short time off !!!

That is why i have closed from
Saturday, 15.06.2024 till Saturday, 22.06.2024

I look forward to seeing you all again on
Wednesday, 26.06.2024

Your Thomas

  1. A NO always means NO and must be accepted.


  2. My parties are strictly private, paid services are unsolicited.


  3. Only adults over the age of 18 are admitted to the club.


  4. Theres no admittance to the club without an advanced reservation on the respective day.


  5. Groups of single men have no admittance to the club.


  6. Admittance is subject to my personal descretion at the door.


  7. The posession and/or use of drugs on the premises will not be tolerated and be reported to the police and lead to a ban from the premises.


  8. I will accept no liability for injuries at the club or enroute to the club.


  9. I will accept no liability for your clothing or valuable items, either lost or stolen.
    There are no lockable lockers in our warderobe but your valuables (keys, mobile phones,
    jewellery etc.) can be securely left with me.


  10. I will not tolerate thefts and wanton damage which I immediately report to the police
    and I persue legal action. In addition to that I can honestly say, that there have been
    no such occurencies at my club.


  11. Due to the new smoking-legislation smoking is only allowed in our air-conditioned smokers lounge.


  12. Guests who cause trouble or disturb other guests in any form will be banned from the club by me immediately.