I need a short time off !!!

That is why i have closed from
Saturday, 15.06.2024 till Saturday, 22.06.2024

I look forward to seeing you all again on
Wednesday, 26.06.2024

Your Thomas

Admittance to the club including the usage of the club�s facilities, beverages at the bar and the buffet are FREE for adult couples and single-ladies over the age of 18.

Single-men over the age of 18 must pay an admittance fee of 115 Euros inclusive of the club�s facilities, free beverages an a rich buffet. And by the way, this fee has not been changed since the introduction of the Euro in 2002.

No admittance for non-adult couples nor single persons under the age of 18

Good to know:

The success of a party evening cannot be planned. Because there's no paid sexual services allowed at my club, the number of guests present at my parties is often a matter of change but I always try to keep a well balanced proportion of couples and single swingers, i.e. only as many singles as couples can get admittance to the club on any one evening.
Therefore couples should be interested in meeting single-men by all means.

You can usually reach me at the party-evenings from 06.00 pm on my phone at 069/410034 -
then I can give you more details about the number of announced guests.

Ladies' and gents' lingerie, teddies as well as bikinis or panties are the preferred party-dress of my guests. Albeit the club has no strict dresscode: there will be no admittance to my parties for guests wearing normal streetwear.
My female guests prefer cultivated men - by the way, toiletries such as disposable razors or toothbrushes are basic hygienic equipment and therefore provided inclusively at the club.

The swingers code of honour is, of course in force at my club:
A NO always means NO - my female guests are not common playthings!
Tolerance ends where others feel annoyed!

May I emphasize again that I will not accept groups of single-men and I particularly expect
my male guests from all cultural circles to respect my female guests and their wishes without any question.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to participate in your parties as a single woman?
Of course it is. If it is your wish I will keep an eye on you during your stay at the party: in the event that you should feel uncomfortable or need help in any way I will be there immediately.
I'm offering a secure and controlled space for acting out your fantasies, dreams or desires -
a "one night stand" without a rude awakening, in a manner of speaking.

How can I socialize with the attendant women?
Socializing comes easily with small-talk at the bar, a smile and not before that, maybe with a touch. If a physical contact is not desired, the women will make this perfectly clear and this must be accepted. Keep in mind, that a more subtle approach from the beginning will increase your chances rather than rushing into the playgrounds as a pack.

Do other men have the right to touch my partner?
Not at all, unless she wants to be touched. Tactful swingers will always have eye contact first before getting into physical contact. Many often start by fondling her arms or thighs so that your partner can easily respond. If this is not her wish, she only has to remove the hand gently away to show that she doesn't want to be touched. This is a common principle among swingers.

We are only interested in other couples and want to take part in your parties.
Do you recommend that?

Basically no as I'm always trying to keep a well balanced proportion of couples and single swingers, therefore couples should be interested in meeting male single-swingers by all means. In your case visiting another swingers club which is strictly for couples is my advice.

Is unsafe sex really nessesary?
No, not at all. You can find little baskets with condoms all over the club.
Condoms are used by all of my responsible guests.

How can I as woman socialize with a single man?
That's very easy, if your partner agrees.
Simply smile at one of the handsome and well-built men and he will respond very soon.

I'm a bit noisy while having sex. Will that disturb others?
No, most of my guests are turned on by that and there are no other neighbours you could disturb.

Is there a hotel near your club?
Yes there are two hotels within walking distance:

Hotel Amadeus (ca. 5 min, walking distance)
Röntgenstr. 5
60388 Frankfurt
phone: 06109-370-0

Hotel Klein (ca. 9 min, walking distance)
Vilbeler Landstraße 55
60388 Frankfurt
phone: 06109-7346-0

Do you have fixed admittance times?
My club is regularly open on the following evenings (from 08.30 pm) : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Fantasy-Club is closed on Christmas Eve (24.12.) as well as on NewYearsEve (31.12.)