I need a short time off !!!

That is why i have closed from
Saturday, 15.06.2024 till Saturday, 22.06.2024

I look forward to seeing you all again on
Wednesday, 26.06.2024

Your Thomas

I am Thomas,

your host at the Fantasy-Club - a private swingers club and exclusive party-location for broadly-minded couples, single ladies and men for over 25 years in Frankfurt/Main.

My motto is -

"to provide the things that others only promise"

- and that's why the Fantasy-Club, approved by my dear guests, became the best swingers club in the Rhine-Main district.

Adult couples as well as sophisticated single ladies and men are meeting regularly at my club, with its tempting and fanciful atmosphere which is enhanced by precious antiques and frivolous pictures.

All depicted persons at the following websites are guests at my club.

My attractive and ambitious guests are enjoying the exclusive atmosphere of the club's facilities - the bar & buffet the smokers-lounge, sauna and the cosy seating areas and not to forget the playgrounds which are situated on the upper and lower floors.

I always pay particular attention to a good balance of mixed couples, single-men and single-ladies. I'm sorry, not everybody is admitted to the parties.

Our smokers-lounge is equipped with several electronic extractors for smoke, pollen and smells - that's why the air in the lounge stays fresh. By the way, the Fantasy-Club is the only swingers club in the neighbourhood which is fully equipped with modern air-conditioning so that, at any season, my guests can enjoy eroticism everywhere in the club in a relaxed manner.

To help you to relax - before and after the clubs's house bar offers a rich selection of well-choosen drinks and beverages, and so does the buffet with various delicacies.

Many of my guests are using our comfortable home sauna for relaxing after the excitements of our parties!

Couples and singles are meeting at the playgrounds true to the motto: "Everything can, nothing must" - even newcomers will soon feel comfortable. Well now, no one will be persuaded.

The club's playgrounds, which are differently themed, are located at two floors. At the mezzanine and around the playgrounds you can find comfortable seating areas.

The large playground is built on three levels designed and equipped with several mirrors on the walls and the ceilings is located on the upper floor and is only separated from the seating area and the stairs by a semitransparent curtain.

And what about being stimulated by erotic films and movies? Simply watch them on our many TVs while having a relaxing drink !

For the romantics among my guests I have arranged some cosy seating areas and couches to help them to become easily acquainted with other swingers.

Our seating area with the red couch is the right place for exhilarating small-talk and - of course - unbridled orgies. At the upper area the semitransparent curtain gives you some glimpses of the action at the cascades and the sounds of enjoyment are only seldomly remaining without consequences!

From the seating-area with the blue couch you can watch the action in the mirror-room uninhibitedly.

And so, whether you are a couple or a single, you quickly get back into the action...

The mirror-room is located at the first floor and is the ultimate playground to watch yourself and other swingers. This makes the room very attractive for voyeurs and also for romantics.

But also here our motto is : "Everything can, nothing must" - that's why the mirror-room can be separated by a semitransparent curtain from the rest of the room.

And especially for voyeurs there's a special voyeurs-box - cosy, dim and intimate, inviting two swingers to play - peeping is explicitely welcome here.

Due to the new smoking-legislation we have set up a seperate smokers-lounge,equipped with several modern electronic smoke-extractors.

OK then, this was a short guided tour through my club!

So, just drop by the Fantasy-Club and convince yourself of the club's ambience and the sincerity of my guests